Learning the art of shouting quietly

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I’ve just finished watching the Youtube video of Pete Mosley‘s talk about ‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’ at a recent Glitch creative event in Nottingham.


Whether you’re an introvert and ‘quiet soul’ or not (disclaimer: I’m not) Pete speaks to any of us who struggle with ‘marketing’ or ‘promoting’ ourselves in a way that feels authentic and right.  (And I say this as someone with a background in marketing). Social media marketing can feel especially superficial and distracting. The ‘rules’ for self-promotion appear to be to make many social connections as possible to widen your audience and possible market:  Broadcast, broadcast, broadcast.  It sometimes just feels like spamming.

A few of my own takeaways from Pete’s talk (although he covers far more):

1. We need to think in terms of deep engagement and flow when it comes to building our relationships.  Hate networking events? (I do)  Don’t go.  Or if you do, have one real conversation.  Follow up if you want to. Avoid the great rush for the business card swap.

2. Don’t forget the 80/20 rule – 80% of your work will come from 20%. Be loyal to that 20%.  Don’t feel panicked if you don’t routinely get new clients – if you focus on getting new ones, you may neglect the ones you have, the ones who made you who you are.

3. Ask for help – Give help. Freely. Someone who knows the power of a leg-up will likely help you, because they’ve been helped too. Pay it forward.

4. Thought leadership is about gathering the ideas out there, sharing them, and then interspersing them with related ones of your own.  Engage deeply with a specific subject, not superficially with a wide number.

5. Own your expertise. Feel confident in it.  The more you engage deeply, the more expert you become.  And this, of course, increases your chances for success.

6. Choose the promotional platforms that work best for you – we can’t do it all.  For some social media will feel comfortable and will work, but for others it will be different.  Think about your preferred learning style (and the learning styles of your audience) and find a platform that complements that style.

Indeed, at the end of his talk, Pete explains that if we really want our people to engage with us and our ideas, we need to media like video to create deeper connection connections with those we want to reach. And the irony is, while I’d been reading Pete’s excellent eBook, The Art of Shouting Quietly: Self-Promotion for Introverts and other Quiet Souls, which covers these areas and many more, watching and listening him speak has led to this deeper engagement with his ideas. (Plus he’s compelling viewing – a bit likely listening to a calmer Billy Connelly – something about his Scots cadence and wry humour).

Whether you’re an introvert or not, if you’re interested with questions of how we reach our potential and how we connect with others as we do so, then I recommend watching for yourself.

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